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``Helping hands``

Our goal is to guide discerning and conscientious travelers to make better choices for people and place, while ensuring that the positive impacts of their trip are maximized where they are most needed.

We achieve this by vetting each chosen partner against our sustainability pillars to know that our trips contribute to the long-term sustainability of habitat restoration, wildlife conservation and local development. And our transparent fee model means more money goes to those on the ground. In turn, our clients gain access to some of the most inspiring people, places and regeneration projects on the planet.

Our Pillars

Our three guiding pillars of sustainability are Community and Culture, Conservation and Health.

Community and Culture

Travel has extraordinary power to connect, transform and empower people around the world and from all walks of life. To cultivate this, we plan trips that maximize the social and economic benefits of tourism for local communities and allow culture and heritage to thrive on their own terms. We only work with partners who operate with the utmost respect for all people and strive to enhance collective well-being.


Biodiversity sustains all life on earth and it is more important than ever to protect it. Travel has a unique vested interest in conserving beautiful places and inspiring creatures. It also often provides the economic incentive needed to halt the destruction of ecosystems. We ensure that our travel is part of this critical solution by working with experienced, long-term conservation partners.


We are convinced that to have a healthy life is to develop good habits: Good nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, rest, and others will help us enjoy a better, longer, and higher quality life. The project “Helping Hands”, focuses on helping you to restore the health of the body starting with a correct diet among others.

Our Journey

Our commitment is to continually invest in and improve our sustainability practices and knowledge, recognizing that it is a journey.

  • Medical service improvement.
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment.
  • Training of people based on: principles surprising the disease.
  • Patient education on the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.
  • Affordable medical care.
  • Equal treatment for all people regardless of race and social class.
  • Treatment of patients with respect.

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