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Monday June 5, 2023


They say that a long time ago, animals became people and the Partridge was a beautiful woman with a slender figure and a soft and gentle voice.

There was a little boy who was orphaned, and his grandmother took care of him. The years passed and the boy grew into a hard working young man who took care of his grandmother, for those years there was a shortage of food and poverty grew, but in the countryside everything was beautiful and almost nothing was missing.
The young man grazed his sheep every day from very early in the morning and returned home almost at sunset. One day while he was grazing his sheep he noticed that someone was watching him, so one day he decided to wait a little longer until the sun went down and see who was watching him. But he couldn’t find that mysterious person who was watching him.

Until one day while he pretended to be asleep a pretty girl appeared and when he wanted to catch her, she ran very fast and he could not catch her, every day the same thing was repeated and they became friends, finally the two young people played every day and every day the young boy arrived home later and also his heart was faster than ever, He had fallen in love with the young girl and when he confessed his feelings to her she said that they could not be together and ran away, but the love they felt brought them together again and she decided to tell him her secret “partridge by day and woman at sunset”, they did not think about it anymore and the young man convinced the girl to live together and that he would always take care of her. And so it happened, the young man went out early in the morning to graze his sheep and carried his beloved in his chuspita and played all day with the partridge chasing her. They returned home early before the sun came up and they were not surprised by their grandmother. The days went by and everything was happiness, one day the young man woke up late, put on his sandals, grabbed his sandal, hung it up and left in a hurry with his flock. When he arrived at his destination he realized that he had not brought his beloved, so he waited anxiously for the day to end.

Meanwhile, his grandmother, not seeing him, went into her room and saw the partridge, thinking that her grandson had caught a partridge, she caught the partridge and cooked it.

When he got home the young man wanted to see his beloved, but his grandmother told him she had a surprise, she fed him and he asked, “What surprise do you have for my grandmother? And she answered, it seems that you did not like what I prepared, that was the surprise, surely you had forgotten to give me the partridge that you hunted, but I found it and prepared this delicious meal.

The young man became very sad, he could not believe it, he searched, searched and did not find his beloved, his tears ran making furrows of pain on his face, with much pain he put together the bones and heard that from them came out that angelic voice that said ¨you promised to take care of me¨, the pain that the young man felt was so great that he made a quena, that when he played it emitted very sad melodies making him remember that one must always keep his promises and never abandon the loved ones. That in life we can find many ways to love and that sincere love will always accompany you and never neglect them.

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