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What is there

What is there to discover on this Tour?

Luquina Chico is a small Aymara community located southeast of Puno city to get the place take around one hour and 30 minutes traveling by lake departing from the port of Puno. Of course, the trip is an assured adventure. The blue sky and clouds are reflected in the water making a fabulous contrast with the green hills. Over there you can see amazing landscapes.

Luquina families have received training to provide accommodation and catering services for tourists who have been developing successfully. 

The accommodation is pleasant in rooms with beautiful views of the lake, the rooms have a clean private bathroom, with shower and hot water and almost all the houses have a small corral of domestic animals such as donkeys, pigs, sheep and chickens that coexist harmonically in this beautiful place. The experience of navigating the Titicaca in a rustic and traditional way is incredible and you can do it on sailboats. 

You can get to Luquina Chico by the affirmed road that surrounds the Chucuito peninsula or sailing by the Titicaca Lake. 


What includes?

  • Official bilingual guide (English - Spanish).
  • Transfer from the hotel - port – hotel.
  • Transportation by boat.
  • Tickets to the islands.
  • Accommodation with basic services in a rural house.
  • Tour 1 day: 01 lunch (per person).
  • Tour 2 days: 01 breakfast, 01 lunch and 01 dinner (per person)

What not includes?

  • Snacks, drinks
  • Transfers to hotels outside the city (Sonesta Posada del Inca, Eco Inn, Libertador, CAPC, José Antonio, hotels that are in Chucuito).
  • Accommodation and food in a rural house in Luquina, the payment is direct to the local family $ 35.00 (1 dinner/ 1 lunch/ 1 breakfast per person)
  • Ground Transportation
  • Tips
What includes?What includes?What includes?What includes?

Tour description


8:00am we pick you up from your hotel to transfer  to the port of Puno from there  we will depart to the Uros Island, to get the island take around thirty minutes, you will have time to visit the islands, knowing their traditions and customs. Also you can take a ride on the famous totora reed rafts to go from one to another island. The ride is optional and you must coordinate it with the guide. The payment for this extra activity is directly with the local islanders. 

The Uros are descendants of an ancestral culture who have always lived by fishing, hunting, exchanging products with people from around the peninsula and now tourism.

Then we will go in direction to Taquile Island to be there around at 11:30 am, once there we’ll walk an average of 30 min up hill to see all beauty of Titicaca Lake. We will have enough time to have a time off, lunch, presentations about the costums and style live from local people and walk around. 

After we will go to Luquina, the trip will last approximately one hour and twenty minutes, upon arrival we will be welcomed by our family who will provide us with lodging and meals during our stay. We will participate in a cultural demonstration by the residents of the area. Then we will climb the hill to try to get as close as possible to heaven to do the “Pago a la Tierra” ritual. The moon splendor is reflecting majestically on the Titicaca Lake. In that moment the villagers pray devoutly generating a mystical environment and we are allowed to ask for our three wishes. Finishing the ritual we will return to our family home for dinner. Communication can be a bit difficult since people speak predominantly Aymara but the warm treatment they give us makes the communication flow. After dinner the community will invite us to participate in a musical demonstration where we can enjoy Andean music and community dance.

Spend the night in the rural family house.


8:00 in the morning after the breakfast, we will walk to the viewpoint where we can see beautiful landscapes. Ongoing down we will take a ride on rustic fisherman’s sailboats and sailing with them around the peninsula. We will have lunch at approximately one o’clock in the afternoon. After lunch we will depart to Puno. Arrival at 13:30hrs.

If you want a more personalized service and according to your requirements ask for our services in private. The fast boat service gives you more time to enjoy your stay in the place and less time on the trip.


Tour program

08:00 Pick up from your hotel. According to your hotel we will give you a more accurate time *
Visiting Uros floating island
11:30 Arrival to Taquile island
12:30 Lunch in Taquile island
13:45 Departure to Luquina
15:00 Arrival to Luquina
Activities such as: farming, fishing sailing and soccer!!!!
19:00 Dinner
Party time with Andean  music played with traditional instruments (optional)
Overnight in a house family
08:00 Breakfast
Activities: hikes around the community ( medium difficulty) , sailing on fisherman boat
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Departure to Puno city
15:30 Arrival to Puno and transfer to hotel
Frequently you will find children asking for tips, if you intend to collaborate with them, do it in a different way from the economic. Unless in exchange they give some souvenir that they elaborate, neither gives him candy or sweets consuming this need an oral care that is not available in the complex, the medical posts have an irregular attention schedule. 

The complex has very slippery surfaces, always walk with care. It is not recommended for people who have cardiovascular disease, its safety and well-being is very important. 

Any plastic bottle or trash generated by you must bring it back, leaving it on the island means contaminating it as well as causing more work to the people who already have a difficult and hard work in their lifestyle. 


  • Coat for rain 
  • Warm clothes 
  • On sunny days: T-shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sun hat 
  • Hiking boots 
  • Flashlights
  • Water, snacks, fruit 
  • And  adventure sense


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