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What is there

What is there to discover on this Tour?

This is a tour to the north of Puno city, it is a mixture of culture, people, landscapes, mountains. We will visit Lampa, well known for its “Seven Wonders” and its delicious bread. In Lampa the houses are considered as its most valuable jewel. The “Santiago Apóstol Temple” which has the chapel of the Last Supper, a leather Christ, passageways that lead us to the Black Pietà (copy of the copy), the Ossuary and continuing with the trip The altiplanic landscape opens up to enter Pukará, land of the famous “Torito de Pukará” where you will also visit the sculptural monuments. Magical place because we will also do the coffee tour, we will visit the shops where we will be able to observe miniature clay crafts, especially the thoriums in their different colors and sizes that contain a mysticism of love, money, abundance, protection, among others. We continue the trip to Tinajani where we will observe huge stones with sinuous and capricious shapes. 

Lampa: located one hour and twenty minutes from the city of Puno, known as the “Pink City” because the construction of their homes is based on a pink material typical of the place. Of narrow streets and a square where you can breathe tranquility and peace.

Pukará: Located two hours from the city of Puno, it was one of the main pre-Inca cultures; it was characterized by large pyramid-shaped constructions such as sculptural monuments, immense stelae of stones in the shape of pumas and suche. Its inhabitants make a variety of clay ceramic handicrafts, the famous one is the “Torito de Pukará”, which represents prosperity according to its creators.

Tinajani: located at km. 14 on the Juliaca – Cusco route, it is a canyon where you can see impressive rock formations with heights up to 50m. Nature has shaped this place that seems to be made by the hand of man, the formations are clayey and sandstone. They give the impression of an enchanted city.

If you are also looking to enjoy a typical dish based on local products, you can try the famous and delicious “Kankacho”, with more time to relax and enjoy the scenery, you can take a private tour. Ask about this service that allows you to be in greater contact with nature and enjoy a diferente experiences.  Write us to travelconsultant@ptctiticaca.com 


What includes?

  • Official bilingual guide (English - Spanish).
  • Pick up from the hotel.
  • Tourist transport.
  • Tickets to the visited places.

What not includes?

  • Snacks, drinks
  • Lunch
  • Transfers to hotels outside the city (Sonesta Posada del Inca, Xima Hotel, GHL Lago, CAPC, José Antonio, hotels that are in Chucuito).
  • Tips
What includes?What includes?What includes?What includes?

Tour program

08:00 Pick up from hotels in downtown (According to your hotel We will give you an hour close to pick up time).*
10:00 Arrival to Lampa – Visit Santiago Church
11:30 Departure in direction to Pukará
12:00 Arrival and visit to Pukará | Lunch
14:30 Departure to Tinajani
15:00 Arrival to Tinajani
16:20 Departure in direction to Puno
18:00 Arrival to Puno
You will often find children asking for tips, please do not give money them unless you buy some souvenir that they make. In addition give them candies or sweets, these are not recommended, consuming this needs oral care that is not available on the island (due to the circumstances). The medical posts service has an irregular attention schedule.

The places you visit are part of our cultural heritage and our mother nature, so we ask you to be respectful of the rules and regulations. In addition to the care that our heritage deserves.

The walks on the tour are of medium difficulty, however if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases please mention it at the time of booking. Your safety and well – being is very important for us.

Any plastic bottle or trash generated by you must bring it back, leave it on the visited places means to contaminate it, as well as cause more work to the people who already have a difficult and hard work in their lifestyle.


  • Coat for the rain (September to February)
  • On sunny days: short, t-shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking shoes
  • Water, snack (you can buy on the way).
  • And adventure sense.


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