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What is there

What is there to discover on this Tour?

The CHIMU community is a community historically specialized in the crafts of the totora. It has its origin in the migrations that occurred during the reign of Huayna Capac to contain the rebellions of some peoples conquered by the Inca empire. It is considered that the Chimu community and in general the communities of the populated center of Ichu are a mixture of people from the north of the empire, descendants of the “mitimaes”. This is how the community has maintained the tradition of crafts based on reeds, as was the custom in the north of the Inca Empire. Over the centuries, they have developed a unique know-how in the field of weaving and making reed objects. The men, who originally lived on the shores of the lake, could carry out expeditions of up to 4 days, more than 20 km from the town, to collect reeds, fish, hunt or collect bird eggs. For this purpose, small floating islands were created that served as a base camp for expeditions on the lake. During these expeditions, the Chimu had to learn to cook inside the reeds with a unique system with eucalyptus sticks raised to the level of the lake, to sleep directly on their boat thanks to a reed roof system integrated into the traditional rafts, to shelter in case of rain. All these customs and skills have gradually disappeared over the centuries. However, thanks to the United Nations program integrated into the Qhapaq Ñan project, these customs and traditions were recovered with the aim of reviving the Chimú cultural identity, a cultural identity that is now shared with tourists who visit the floating islands.


What includes?

  • Official bilingual guide (English - Spanish).
  • Pick up from the hotel.
  • Tourist transport.
  • Boat
  • Tickets to visited places.
  • Activities described

Snacks, drinks

  • Lunch
  • Transfers to hotels outside the city (Sonesta Posada del Inca, Xima hotel, GHL Lago, CAPC, José Antonio, hotels that are in Chucuito).
  • Tips
What includes?What includes?What includes?What includes?

Programación del Tour

09:00 Pick up from hotels in downtown (According to your hotel We will give you an hour close to pick up time).*
09:20 Departure from Puno to Chimu Island
10:00  Arrival and activities in Chimu island (demonstrative mini workshop on handicraft weaving, interpretative walk of ecosystem, endemic birds, fishes and the importance of the Titicaca Frog )
11:40 Departure to Puno
12:20 Arrival to Puno
You will often find children asking for tips, please do not give money them unless you buy some souvenir that they make. In addition give them candies or sweets, these are not recommended, consuming this needs oral care that is not available on the island (due to the circumstances). The medical posts service has an irregular attention schedule.

The places you visit are part of our cultural heritage and our mother nature, so we ask you to be respectful of the rules and regulations. In addition to the care that our heritage deserves.

This tour does not have difficulty to do, however if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases please mention it at the time of booking. Your safety and well – being is very important for us.

Any plastic bottle or trash generated by you must bring it back, leave it on the visited places means to contaminate it, as well as cause more work to the people who already have a difficult and hard work in their lifestyle.


  • Coat for the rain (September to February)
  • On sunny days: short, t-shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking shoes
  • Water, snack (you can buy on the port).
  • And adventure sense.


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